1. Deployment of Brand of New Type

  • We will create new system in apparel industry by forming a team that share the same values.
  • We will team up with artisans and manufacturers in Japan to provide higher originality and quality at reasonable price range.
  • Mixture of art and cutting-edge technology

2. Providing barrier-free fashion

  • Fashion (philosophy) to go beyond physical limitations, generations, gender or nationality.
  • Long lasting fashion (care) with styles (way of living) that are not trend-oriented

3. Activities to solve work-related issues and environmental issues

  • By explaining the current situations of apparel industry as well as how the artisans are being treated along with environmental issues to our customers, we will function as a bridge between different worlds. We will also run project and shows to raise awareness and trigger changes in consciousness all over Japan as well as to the world.
  • To create system environment where parents and caretakers, handicapped and seniors can work.

4. Inheriting skills and training next generations

  • Pass on our skills to generations to come by establishing stylish brand image and the world view that younger generations such as children and students would admire.
  • Inheriting and updating skills

Company Oveview

› Company name: a.ladonna. LLC

› Established on April 12th, 2017

› Representative: Chiaki Kato

› Contact

› Business Overview

  1. Planning, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing of apparel products
  2. Planning, operating of various events
  3. Educational business, business consultant as well as producing for human resource development


› 2009
– Established design office “a.ladonna.”

› 2010
– Established “CHIAKI-a.ladonna.” brand
– Initiated “En Project/Spring Festival,” which is a party event with about 100 participants themed around Japanese taste and creating community.

› 2011
– First collection Kyoto marbling “Ito Project” ordering exhibition
– Initiated Maternity Wedding & Made to Order Dress “Yui Project

› 2012
– Initiated Stage Costume “Tsunagu Project”
– Organized an event called “En Project/Dahliaz” and designed costumes for flamenco dancers, belly dancer and tap dancers.

– Established “Antojo del gato negro,” which specializes in Costume Remake/Arrangement
– Opened “Ito Project” store at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nagoya
– Event Produce & Costume Design for “Press Preview Party & Simulated Ceremony with Paintings at Yayoi Kusama Exhibition”
– Released art collaboration minir-i CHIAKI-a.ladonna.Japan “fragment”
-”Hyakka Ryouran, ” which is music collaboration of koto and singing. It was performed and exhibited in 8 cities, 10 occasions.
– Exhibition and Costume Design for “Festival of the Ancient Times: CHONTO Exhibition”

› 2014
– Coffee Art Collaboration “Tsuzuri Project” Exhibition
– Costume Design, Art Direction, Stage Manager for Stage performance “Miminashi Hoichi,” which was performed as a part of “400th anniversary for Japan-Spain diplomatic relations event.” Performed in 3 countries, 9 occasions.

› 2015
– Organized Yakushima event & fashion show

› 2017
– Established “a.ladonna LLC”
– Established brand “a.ladonna.+”
– Participated in “NAGOYA FASHION FESTA”

› 2018
– Certified as “Yunus Social Business Company” as the first apparel company in Japan.
– a.ladonna.+ announced “Barrier Free Project,” which aims to share fashion with handicapped as well as – – seniors.
– “Bisowa Zero Point VILLAGE” exhibition & participated in mini fashion show.

About the Representative Chiaki Kato

Chiaki Kato

Representative of a.ladonna.LLC
Born in 1978. Chiaki is from Yokkaichi-City in Mie-Prefecture. Worked at collection brand and number of apparel companies before she became independent. She has approx. 10 years of experiences as a designer with trading companies.
She founded design office “a.ladonna” in 2009. It turned into a company in 2017. Her mission is to embed the value of “ALL-WIN” as the new standard of fashion industry. “Fashion is a first communication.” She is creating “barrier free” fashions, which is not limited by genders, nationalities or time periods. She has teamed up with artisans in Japan, manufacturer, as well as welfare-related companies and founded “a.ladonna.+.” She is continuing on with her “Barrier Free Project.” She is also participating in lifestyle brand activities from environmental issues. She designs stage costumes for artists as well as made to order wedding dresses. She is focused on “People that she interacts with” and “Made in Japan.” She has been collaborating with artists in various genres and she is determined to establish sustainable company with sustainable system through fair trade.

Brief history

– 1982: Born in Yokkaichi-City, Mie-Prefecture
- At age 4, she decided to become a designer
- 1992: Started taking oil painting lessons from Sueko Tsuji. Started taking charcoal design lessons from Kenzou Kobayashi in the following year.
– 1996: Moved to Tokyo and entered Vantan Design Institute/Majored in Fashion Designer Course
– 1999: Enrolled in Advance 34, which is an OEM company / Specialized in leather items for collection brand
– 2001: Started working at K.K. Birth, which is an ODM company / Specialized in planning designer for mass productions for large apparel corporations such as AEON Group.
– 2003: Started working at K.K. ABAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL / Worked as Ladies Designer for 5351POUR LES HOMMES LES FAMMS
– 2007: Took a break from apparel industry and traveled to Europe.
- Started working as a chief designer for “FAD3,” which is an original brand of high-end select shop “ADELAID/ADDITION ADELAIDE.”

– Became a freelancer and made 6 year contract with several companies as a planning/producer such as Teijin Frontier K.K..

Made a contract with bridal company and learned patterning and toile of dresses.
Made a contract with costume company and gained 3 years of experiences in arrangement and remake.

Established “a.ladonna LLC” and became the representative.