About a.ladonna.+

a.ladonna.+ is a series of projects conducted by a.ladonna.+ members and other collaborators, focusing on the “Barrier Free Project,” which aims to remove all kinds of walls (barriers) created by differences in thoughts, physical limitations, generations, genders or nationalities through fashion. This project aims to create borderless = peace by removing the barriers of clothing (outer self) and mind (inner self). By involving people who thought all this was deed of someone else or people who were indifferent before, we would like to engage in sending out our messages and organize activities in order to bring back the “senses.”

About Barrier Free Proejct

Chiaki had an offer from welfare-related workers in 2014 and started thinking about clothing that handicapped people can wear. This was the beginning of “Barrier Free Project.” We launched our project team with fabric maker, patterners, sewing manufacturer as well as welfare-related workers. We conducted hearings and monitoring mainly of women in 20s to 50s who are wheel chair users and tried to reflect our findings in the product design. We started our activities in 2017. High quality fabric with new functions and elasticity combined with pattern sewing techniques resulted in creating fashionable designs not only to handicapped people but also to seniors, caretakers, nursery teachers, pregnant women. The demand is spreading to bigger areas such as sportswear for yoga and Pilates.

Currently, we hold fitting exhibitions in Tokyo and other cities, monthly gallery exhibition and weekly community events at cafes. We are planning to hold workshops and social gatherings in the future. We will be exhibiting at “Super-Welfare Expo” in September this year. We will be holding final ordering exhibition after that. We will begin manufacturing our products around the end of 2019.

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